Do I Need A Permit To Replace My Roof In Texas?

If you plan to repair or replace the roof on your Texas home, you’ll need to get a re-roofing permit to replace tiles, shingles, or other covering materials, modify the roof decking, replace your roof, or make other structural alterations.

Before construction begins, you’ll need to take steps to comply with the permit requirements and building codes in your city, county, and/or municipality. Cities like Houston or Dallas may issue permits to residents of the city, its development jurisdiction, or residents who use city utilities. To discover which permits your project requires, contact your local planning office or building department. Some jurisdictions may not require permits for smaller roof repair projects like replacing a handful of shingles, but you’ll need to ensure that you take the appropriate steps to properly complete your improvements so that they meet the provisions of the building code. Many cities require a permit for improvements that may seem minor. If the upgrades fail to meet code or pass inspection, you could be required to redo the work. If you fail to secure the proper permits before you begin construction, you could be fined or penalized.

What Documents Do I Need to Apply for a Permit?

To obtain a permit for a roofing project in Texas, you’ll need to fill out the forms listed below.

Re-roofing projects may require:

Repairs may require:

How Do I Prepare to Repair or Replace My Roof?

If you’ve never done any roof repairs yourself, you should speak to a licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractor to take a look at your roof and discuss the extent of the work, then get a second or third opinion. You can check your local building department’s website for a list of roofing businesses in the area. 

Usually, it’s convenient to choose a roofer and have them secure the necessary permits as part of their contracted work. To complete the paperwork, your contractor will need to be registered with the state and sometimes the locality that provides the permits. Owners can also get building and re-roofing permits themselves. In Texas, you can usually find the permit application forms you need on a “permitting center” website that is maintained by your city or jurisdiction. 

To apply for a residential building permit or re-roofing permit in Texas, you will be asked to detail your construction plans and supply some basic information about your property, including:

To process the permit request, you will need to pay an application fee. After you submit your paperwork, contact your permitting center to make sure they have received all required documentation. 


Do I Need a Roof Condition Assessment and Windstorm Inspection?

Once your permit request is approved, you will need to assess the current state of your roof. If your house is in a coastal Texas county that is designated as a catastrophe area, you will need to have a Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)-approved windstorm inspector or licensed professional engineer perform a high-wind inspection before you can begin your roofing project. This inspector will also monitor the re-roofing process and approve the completed job. An inspection ensures that your property meets the building code and eligibility requirements for windstorm insurance against hail and high winds. 

When roofing work passes inspection, the TDI will issue one of the following certificates of compliance with applicable building codes and regulations:

How Do Texas Building Permits Influence Roofing Projects?

Building and re-roofing permits usually require the property owner and contractor to meet certain predetermined conditions while construction is underway. Your permit may specify that you comply with any or all of the following directives: 

What Does the Final Inspection Involve?

After the roofing project is complete, it must be inspected to ensure that:

In many jurisdictions, repairs will need to comply with the International Building Code (IBC) or International Residential Code (IRC), which may also be used in place of or in conjunction with local building codes.

Permits Are Part of a Job Done Right

Getting a building or re-roofing permit in Texas may be a somewhat tedious process, but it is a necessary part of getting the job done right. Reputable contractors and agents at your local permitting center should be happy to help you streamline the process of getting your paperwork in order. With a little patience and planning, you’ll have your permits in order in no time.

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